Island Community Health Education

Emmanuel International work at a grassroots level with local churches. We have been invited by the TAG church in Mwanza to work specifically with the rural churches on Kome Island, an island in Lake Victoria of 60,000 people 80km from Mwanza city. We will work alongside the churches to improve and promote community health education (CHE). Health provision is is typically poor and unsupported by the government. Here is a link to another blog which describes some of the work already going on.

Fuel Efficient Stoves

Globally, open fires are the dominant means of cooking and lighting. This can lead to health issues (with fumes and smoke and burns). Also in the rural areas wood fuel is expensive. Fuel efficient stoves come in many forms and is a form of appropriate technology that can burn the available fuel more efficiently, reducing smoke and saving money. Developing and distributing these stoves is a project that already has great success in Tanzania and Malawi through EI initiatives and therefore working out the implementation in the new project areas will be our first steps.

Home schooling

This is one for the whole family! Both our children will obviously be exposed to a wide range of life experiences from day-to-day life in Tanzania, but we’ll also be following a structured home-schooling syllabus for the early year curriculum.