Prayer topics

As we prepare to go please pray that…

  • We can raise sufficient funds for the move to be viable
  • The logistics of moving overseas will be trouble free
  • Simon would continue to be focused at work in the coming months
  • Tabitha would feel confident during a time of great transition, as she goes into her first term of lower school in the UK before switching to home school in Tanzania

When we arrive please pray that we would…

  • have receptive minds during language training (and that our teachers would be patient/forgiving!)
  • be accepted by the community in Tanzania, particularly the Island communities, which are less used to outside influences
  • have wisdom and humility when approaching communities, that we would be ready to listen and learn and follow guidance of the local communities
  • form healthy relationships with local churches, that our love for Christ would shine through in our approach, and for open channels of communication as we seek to establish the projects through and within the Churches
  • have opportunities to witness and deliver the gospel message through all that we do
  • be equipped with the necessary skills and filled with confidence as we seek to take over the role of educators for the children